Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Revolving Doors of Justice - Convicted Murderer Kills Again

There is something wrong with a Society that says a mentally unstable convicted murderer should be allowed to walk the streets, so long as it is illegal for him to buy a gun legally, (not to mention being illegal to walk around stabbing people). If such a person is too dangerous to buy a legal gun, such a person is too dangerous to let back on the streets after serving a small 6 year sentence for Murder. After serving his 6 years & being let back on our streets by our Revolving Doors of Justice, he stabbed a victim four times in the middle of a Macy's Store in the Mesa Arizona Fiesta Mall on Sunday, and walked out of the store without opposition. Then on Monday he attacked another victim in the SAME MALL, this time fatally.

He was apprehended by Police on his way out of the Mall after the stabbing Monday only because he was openly carrying his bloody knife, otherwise he would probably still be on the Streets looking for his next victim. The alleged attacker bought his knife in the same Mall where he made the attacks. Perhaps the Brady folks will soon demand knife serialization, background checks, & BATFE regulation (renamed to BATFEK: Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, & Knives - I think an agency with such a name should be a convenience store rather than a government agency).

If those in favor of adding more gun controls or gun bans could pull their heads out of the Sand long enough to breath & examine the facts they could look at ways to actually reduce crime rather than legal gun ownership. How about taking a Stab at our Revolving Doors of Justice & attempting to keep murderers where they belong - behind bars. Letting them back out on our Streets after 6 years of learning from fellow inmate Felons new methods of doing Evil is obviously not working, and neither are any of the existing gun control laws, which the CDC looked at & found DO NOT reduce crime.

It is time to close the Revolving Doors of Justice for murderers. 1st Degree Murder should be a one way ticket into life in Prison. Murderers do not make good neighbors, and we certainly do not want them in our Malls or Schools. Public places should be Murderer Free Zones, yet I see no Murderer Free Zone signs up at our Schools or Malls (not that such signs would do any good in any case). It is time that we decide to punish the criminals, not the law abiding citizens.


Anonymous said...

He was convicted as a minor, not for murder. Gang related drive-by, and he had seen a counselor regularly after being released early from parol. I don't condone crime and I don't defend those without a conscience but you need to know that good people make mistakes and your one sided view contributes to criminals who serve their term and come out and recommit crimes. Mental illness is not the universal murderous psychosis. Learn the legal system, the mental health system, go to jail and come out with the expectation of "being rehabilitated" and then try to get a job. You can't and you're stuck in the same neighborhood you need out of. The problem feeds iself. I feel for both victims, and the families, but devastation is shared throughout our state. Try to lock away everyone forever and you'll have mor prisons than homes and businesses. Get real.

Dustin said...

He was convicted as a minor for MURDER. I don't want to lock everyone away, just the murderers. Plenty of room for them. It's the folks in jail for stupid things that overcrowd our prisons, not the murderers.