Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another good reason to buy a black rifle

There are many excellent reasons to own a semi-auto AR-15 or other black rifle such as a semi-auto version of the AK-47. Most importantly is the fact that they are fun to shoot. Another is that both Hillary & Obama want to place bans on either manufacturing or selling them (reintroduction of so-called assault weapons ban). Additionally they are excellent for home defense.

Last night we were all given one additional reason to go buy a black rifle if you don't already own one. Ability to fend off large numbers of alien invaders, in the unlikely event that they were to invade. If green aliens landed in your back yard would you rather fend them off with your 7 to 10 round .45 handgun with a few spare mags, or your 30 round AR-15 with a few spare mags? 4*7=28 rounds, 4*30=120 rounds.

Would you rather be able to fend off 28 green aliens before your spare mags are empty, or 120? I'm not saying I think little green aliens are coming, but if they were to come, I'd want to have a good defensive weapon in my possession, as there would not be time to go buy one after they break down the back door.

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