Friday, January 6, 2012

Another try for Campus Carry

Patriotic Senator Ron Gould plans to introduce legislation on Monday that would remove current restrictions for students who poses CCW permits while they are on Arizona College Campuses. I'd love to see an even broader bill, but based on past results this is likely the best first step. Please contact Senator Gould and let him know that you support his efforts. He is currently facing an onslaught of left wing anti-gun media coverage claiming that the sky would fall and blood would run in the streets if 21 year old adults who already have CCW permits and already carry a gun everywhere else in the State were suddenly no longer prohibited from defending themselves while they happen to be in yet another so-called "Gun Free Zone"

For those who think Gun Free Zones work, just ask the victims of the Virginia Tech Gun Free Zone how well the zone worked for them. The simple truth is that criminals, rapists, and crazy people do not obey gun free zone signs any more than they would obey a smoke free zone or a no parking zone. They simply ignore them. The people victimized by gun free zones time and time again are the defenseless victims trapped within them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How the Presidential Candidates rate on gun rights

It can be difficult to determine where your favorite Presidential Candidate stands on the Second Amendment if you only listen to their standard talking points. As a result it is helpful to look at their ratings from the gun rights organizations that you trust. Unfortunately the NRA does not rate candidates specifically for the primary, so you have to do some digging through the NRA PVF Archive to find NRA ratings from past elections. For your convenience, I've done the digging for you, and below is what I found for the current top contenders along with the date that the NRA rated them.

NRA PVF Ratings:

Be aware that there are significant concerns with anti-gun legislation that Rick Santorum has voted for in the late 1990's. There are also concerns about legislation Romney signed in 2004 when he was Governor in Massachusetts. Kurt Hofmann has gathered together the details on past gun rights concerns with Santorum and Romney. I have sent questionnaires to the press e-mail of both Santorum and Romney to ask them detailed questions on their current position on critical gun rights issues - if I get responses from either I will post them on this blog.

Unlike the NRA which rates incumbant candidates based on a mathematical grade scale measurment of specific gun rights votes and actions, the GOA rates candidates on a subjective gut feeling of the GOA President, so I recommend considering the GOA ratings as the subjective opinion of a single gun rights activist. However, here are the GOA 2012 Presidential Primary candidate ratings which includes some details on why the GOA rated some of them the way they did.

Update 1: Clarification from the NRA on the 2004 Legislation Mitt Romney Signed