Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not unlike Canada, Mexico doesn't want you to bear arms

One thing Mexico & Canada have in common - they don't want anyone visiting to be bearing arms for their own self defense. Even if you only entered the country by mistake (US Soldier Spc. Richard Raymond Medina Torres now in Mexico Jail). How dare you be prepared to defend yourself or your family from any threat that could present itself.

The US allows Canadian Residents to enter our country bearing arms (with a non-resident CCW permit, such as those issued by Utah), but if we go visit Canada we can only bring long rifles or shotguns that are unloaded & locked up. You can apply for a permit to bring a pistol into Canada, but you have to fill out paperwork & get approval ahead of time. If approved, you still have to keep it unloaded & locked up. Useful for hunting, but not so useful for self defense (Excuse me Mr. Criminal, please allow me a few minutes to uncase & load my gun). In Mexico, no guns allowed at all. The only folks in Mexico with guns are the Police, Military, Criminals, and Drug traffickers, although at times it can be difficult to differentiate who is who.

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