Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch out for the Ohio Food Stamp Police!

It is perfectly legal to open carry a weapon in Ohio, but apparently at least two undercover Officers from the Ohio Investigative Unit (Ohio agency that enforces Ohio's food stamp, alcohol, & tobacco laws), were oblivious to that fact. In spite of their ignorance to Ohio Gun laws, Agent Timothy Gales, and his partner Betty Ford, decided to hold up a law abiding Ohio citizen (Philip Turner) who was minding his own business while walking from his apartment to his vehicle while open carrying, for 30 minutes, before deciding to release him without charges.

An internal investigation decided that the Food Stamp agents had done nothing wrong, although it was determined that they were unaware of Ohio's gun laws. No kidding?! I could have saved them the time & money of an entire internal investigation by telling them that from the get go. As a result of that determination, more than 100 Ohio Investigative Unit agents are now going to attend a mandatory refresher course on Ohio gun laws over the next few months.

One question: Why exactly does Ohio need over 100 agents to enforce Food Stamp, alcohol, & tobacco laws? Can't an Ohio citizen eat a little food, drink a little drink, and smoke a little smoke without an undercover Ohio agent getting involved?

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