Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SCCC Empty Holster Protest this week

This week you may notice some students walking around Colleges & Universities in Arizona and other States wearing an empty holster in protest of so-called "Gun Free Zones" which prohibit adults 21 & older who have gone through the process of obtaining a CCW permit from being able to carry a gun for their own self defense while in those so-called "Gun Free Zones". I say so-called because it has been proven time & time again that only the innocent victims are disarmed by such disgusting unconstitutional policies that force law abiding citizens to be disarmed & defenseless while inside of them. The rapists, criminals, & mentally unstable are not disarmed by "Gun Free Zone" policies, but they do take advantage of them when deciding where they can best find large numbers of defenseless victims. As of today, there are over 28,000 members of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) across the United States, and the number of members is growing daily.

Below is an ABC story on a group of SCCC members who are attending Virginia Tech that does at least present the unaltered viewpoints of the SCCC members, even though the the story does manage to throw in quite a few anti gun buzz phrases such as "Gun Violence" (rather than "Criminal Violence"), and "Armed to the Teeth," rather than "Armed with 2 guns."

Definitely worth watching:

I have not yet seen any stories in the mainstream media about the empty holster protest taking place this week in Arizona, but below are just a few of the stories about the Empty Holster Protest going on in other States:

Update 1: The UA SCCC Campus Leader Interview by Nicole Santa Cruz of the Daily Wildcat was released today, discussing this weeks Empty Holster Protest & Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC). H/T to The Arizona Rifleman who tipped me off that the article would be coming out today.

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Thanks for the video and information. I credited you on my posting about the video.

I'm a member of the UA chapter of SCCC, and will report on the UA empty holster protests (probably tomorrow) as I get more information.