Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Philadelphia: Mayor Nutter is Nutty

Pennsylvania has a State preemption law that mandates that only the State can regulate guns. In spite of that, and against the recommendation of his own DA (Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham), the nutty Mayor Nutter ignored her counsel & signed into law 5 illegal gun laws that his own DA is now refusing to enforce.

"If there are wholesale arrests which turn out to be illegal, this city is going to get its pants sued off them," Abraham said.
The NRA has is working with gun rights groups in Pennsylvania to begin a court battle over this issue. They are currently in process of filing a restraining order against the city to prevent them from enforcing the new illegal laws until the legal battle is over.

Sebastian explains why Nuttty Nutter is not yet in Jail.

Update 1: NRA motion for Injunction has been granted. H/T to Sebastian. Here is the NRA press release revealing same:

“. . . On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of NRA members in Pennsylvania who are frustrated by Philadelphia’s mayor and city council, we are pleased with today’s ruling,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “Philadelphia’s politicians have made it clear they care nothing for the rule of law or the state's constitution. They are going to have to learn, one way or another, that state law applies to them, too.”

A hearing on the permanent injunction is scheduled for April 28th.

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