Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chicago - proposing a placebo to reduce murder

Excellent write up by Steve Chapman describing a proposed sugar pill placebo that won't even have a placebo effect on the Chicago murder rate. Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis wants to ban a type of gun (semi-automatic so-called "assault weapons") which have only used for one of the of the 87 known Chicago homicides so far this year as of the end of March. Jody Weis must have forgotten that criminals are not allowed to own any type of gun, so adding yet another gun ban would have absolutely zero impact on criminals. Once again the law abiding citizens would be the only group impacted by such a ban. To reduce crime Chicago should focus on keeping criminals behind bars rather than punishing the law abiding citizens. Punish the criminal, not the gun, and not the law abiding gun owner.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! We have PLENTY of gun laws already. Why not try ENFORCING some of them? Who has done most of the killing? Kids, mostly from gangs. How do the kids get these guns? Not by lawful means! Enforce what we have already. Figure out how to stop gangs and the mentality that goes with that culture and you'll cut murders in the city by probably 75%. Burglery, robbery, drugs, etc. would all go down drastically if you could reign in the gangs. They seemingly have no fear. Put some fear in them! Screw their rights. They are scum. They have no rights. Forget political correctness. They are lowlifes. Adding more gun laws is just putting an already blood-soaked band-aid on a severed arm.