Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama prefers dead victims over armed homeowners

As a Chicago State Senator Obama voted twice against a bill that would have "allowed" homeowners to use handguns in defense of their own home & family even in cities that banned handguns, without fear of prosecution for possessing a banned handgun. He voted against it first when it passed the State Senate, then again during the veto override. I guess Obama prefers dead victims over armed homeowners. Obama is no friend of the 2nd Amendment no matter how many statements he makes to the contrary. Wayne LaPierre has the details.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about mentioning Obama's record on 2nd Amendment for a guest host episode of Mark's gun rights podcast, but I suspect that most people who listen to it already know. (I was also going to plug your blog.) So, as a fellow Arizonan, what do you think we can do to really get the word out? YouTube videos, with a Libertarian "freedom infringment" angle?

I'm just thinking the people we need to warn are the people who don't normally listen.

Dustin said...

Thanks. I think people would still enjoy listening to it on Marks podcast, and I bet there are some listeners who may not be aware of the details. Other places would be youtube or current. If you upload a video there let me know & I'll link to it. I estimate that roughly 4-5% of my readers are the liberal anti-gun type based on their response to my on-line surveys so perhaps they could learn something from it. :)