Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buy a gun with your stimulus check

Many people will be getting their Economic stimulus check this week. Support the gun industry & use your own money that your government kindly let you have back, by using it to go buy a gun or any shooting sports accessory on your wish list. Not that you need an excuse to go buy the next gun on your wish list, but any excuse to go buy a gun is a good excuse in my book. :)


Anonymous said...

Sent my Mini-14 off to Great West Gunsmithing for a complete package costing $600 on the nose! LOL. There's very little more gratifying than taking money that seems like a liberal welfare handout, and rubbing their nose in by installing scary, evil features like a threaded barrel and flash hider!

I'm laughing all the way to the range...

I mentioned this toward the end of my April 25th blog post, myself. Cheers!

Dustin said...

Excellent news on the great use of your stimulus check! Hillary & Obama would croak if they found out. :)