Friday, April 11, 2008

ATF: Monster without a Master

We really need to reign in the ATF (also known as the BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives). Overall the ATF has become a monster that no longer answers to the American people and appears to be on a witch hunt. They're harassing Red's Trading post over having some forms with the y/n instead of yes/no. They recently raided a gun manufacturer here in my home State of Arizona (Cavalry Arms) taking their entire inventory & all of their computers & have yet to tell them what they are looking for, what they will be charged with, if anything, or when they'll get their confiscated stuff back.

The ATF prosecuted & won a Felony conviction of a highly respected honorably discharged Army Veteran & Army Reserves serviceman (David Olofson) for having a semi auto rifle that malfunctioned while on a gun range & slam fired (malfunction that causes rifle to shoot twice & jam instead of the normal one shot per trigger pull). He has already been convicted of a federal firearms felony in Federal Court back in March but he is still awaiting sentencing, which is scheduled for May 15th. The standard sentence is prescribed to be from 18 months to 6 years in Federal Prison & a fine of up to $250,000.00. He is a law abiding citizen with absolutely no criminal record & is a Father to 3 children. It is reprehensible that the ATF would throw an American Citizen in Federal Prison just because his gun malfunctioned. This is an OUTRAGE! The full story is here on CNN: Part 1 and Part 2.

Also check out this preview of the ATF documentary "The Gang" by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

Please write your Senators, President Bush, & Senator McCain (anyone running for President should take a stand on this issue, and I doubt Clinton or Obama would be of much help). Ask them to grant either a congressional or presidential pardon, and to find a way to regain control of the ATF monster that our Congress has created & allowed to run loose on the American people for so many years. The ATF has grown into an overgrown excessively powerful tyrannical monster that is in the midst of throwing a temper tantrum, and the lives of innocent American Citizens are being destroyed as a direct result.

Doesn't the ATF have some illegal alcohol, tobacco, explosives, or firearm traffickers that they can go after instead of harassing innocent American Citizens over a y on a form or for owning a malfunctioning weapon? If the ATF can't be reigned in, then simply dismantle it & create some other way to monitor tobacco & alcohol sales. Put the Boy Scouts in charge, they are much more respectable & trustworthy. The ATF was created during the great Alcohol prohibition & it should have been dismantled when we got rid of that stupid prohibition. Instead congress kept them around like an overgrown pet bulldog & gave it new jobs to do. These BATFE atrocities have gone on way too long, it is well past time that they come to an end.

The ATF will probably come raid my home now because I'm openly calling for their dismantlement. Go ahead, come take my guns. Just make sure you knock on my door first because if you simply break down my door & rush in during the middle of the night I could mistake you for a common criminal & I will protect my family. After you confiscate all of my stuff maybe you can figure out a way to force one of my guns to malfunction so you can mislabel it a machine gun & throw me in jail too. Perhaps I'll get a cell next to Olofson. While you're here, please take all my paperwork too so that I won't have to file my taxes this year. April 15th is coming up soon & I hate paying the government every single year.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel we're all paying more than our fair share? I mean taxes & regulation cause about 50% of the cost of the products we buy during the production, transportation, storage, and manufacturing processes. They tax my income, then they tax the capital gains that I get by investing what little income I had left over after they taxed it. Then they tax the products I buy with sales tax. Then they tax the property I buy every single year just for the privilege of owning it. If all that wasn't enough, when I die they'll tax whatever I have left again in the form of the DEATH tax. Can't they let well enough alone? Can't I even go to my own grave without being taxed in death after already having been taxed to death my entire life?

, and STOP TREADING ON MY FELLOW CITIZENS! It PISSES gun owning Americans off, and you should not forget that we are armed & maintain the same spirit of resistance to tyranny that we inherited from our forefathers who fought & died to build this great Nation. Keep your dance of tyranny up & eventually you'll step on enough of us to awaken the sleeping dragon that is the American People.

If I lived in Cuba I would not be able to write this & live to see a new day. Luckily the 1st Amendment protects my freedom of speech, and the 2nd Amendment protects my right to bear arms. Between the two I should live through the weekend. If I don't, please send some nice flowers to my funeral, I like the Water Lillie best.

Update 1: Speaking of the Devil - saysuncle has info about the ATF raiding the wrong house - breaking down doors & using tear gas. No wonder the ATF is affectionately called a group of Jack Booted Thugs by those in the know. Don't they know where the freaking doorbell is? I can understand them not knowing that a Y stands for Yes, but come on, even my 3 year old can find the doorbell.

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