Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smart Guns - what a DUMB idea!

My Apple ipod is smart, but it does crash from time to time & needs to reboot. Ever get the Blue Screen of Death on your PC? If I had a dollar for every PC crash I've experienced I wouldn't be as rich as Bill Gates but I'd have a lot of cash. I wouldn't want to bet my life on any piece of software running on any type of operating system, whether that be running on my computer or on my gun. If certain Politicians in California get their way they could start requiring so-called "smart" guns that utilize a fingerprint reader combined with software & programming to recognize an authorized user or a group of authorized users before allowing the gun to operate.

What happens to you if the thumb print reader is only on one side of the grip & you need to shoot with your opposite hand? What would an instructor do if he wants to let students practice with his gun?

What do you do if your battery dies or you get the blue screen of death when you need your gun right this very second? I could just see it now - "Mr. Criminal, please wait a moment while my gun reboots so that I can shoot you"

I doubt many criminals will be dumb enough to use smart guns - they'll stick with something more reliable even if they become illegal. Yet another gun law that if enacted would do nothing but punish the law abiding.

Ride Fast has more info about the story.

H/T to Sebastian.

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