Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good news - Americans are finding out the truth about gun control!

As many of you already know, the latest polls show that more and more of our fellow citizens are finding the truth - that gun control laws do absolutely nothing whatsoever to curb crime. The evidence is so overwhelming that even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) reviewed many independent studies to see which if any gun control measures work, & found that there is zero evidence of a single gun law being able to reduce violent crime.

The Task Force review of the effects of various laws showed insufficient evidence to conclude whether firearms laws impact rates of violence.

Among the areas under task force review were: bans on specific firearms or ammunition, restrictions on firearm acquisition, waiting periods for firearm acquisition, firearm registration and licensing of firearm owners, child access prevention laws, zero tolerance for firearms in schools, and combinations of firearm laws.

As our fellow Americans find the truth, support for additional gun laws continues to fall. A new Gallup Poll was released just this month that shows only 51% of Americans believe we need more strict gun control laws. 47% believe that they should stay the same or be less strict. This matches the lowest number of people in support of more gun control since 2002, and is much lower than 1990 when this poll was first taken at which time the result was 78% of Americans felt we needed stricter gun control laws. That is a 27% drop in support of more gun control laws over the last 17 years. See results below:

So take heart my fellow Americans and continue spreading the truth. Gun control does not work. It's a waste of time & government effort, not to mention the wasted taxes that fund it. Gun control only affects law abiding citizens by making it more difficult or even impossible in some cities for them to arm themselves in protection of self & family. Criminals laugh at gun control laws, why do they care about a gun law when they're willing to commit armed robbery, assault, rape, or murder? It is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals just like it is impossible to keep drugs or even alcohol in the case of the great prohibition, off of the streets. Criminals prefer unarmed victims so they love gun control. They don't buy their guns at gun shops, they buy them from fellow thugs on the black market or they steal them via robbery.

Don't disarm your fellow law abiding Americans by pushing for additional useless gun control laws. Believe it or not there really ARE evil people in the world who will always have guns so don't force any of your law abiding fellow Americans to be unarmed. If you don't want to own arms that is your decision, we still live in a Free country. This really isn't about guns, it's about FREEDOM. Don't erode our bill of rights by saying the 2nd Amendment is not as important as the rest of the bill of rights. "The right of the PEOPLE to keep & BEAR arms shall NOT be INFRINGED" - what part of infringed don't those on the 51% side understand?

Open your mouth and continue spreading the truth. We need to get that number down from 51% to at least 49% so that those in support of additional gun control laws will not have enough votes to place people into power who wish to take more of our gun rights away. Wear t-shirts announcing your position on gun control to stimulate conversations - I'm amazed at how many people ask me about my shirt when I wear one of my anti gun control shirts.

Ask everyone you meet what they think about gun control & gently share the news if they're one of the remaining 51%. We can't force anyone to join our side, but through education many will come to see the light. Remember that those on the gun control side are often victims of a primarily liberal media that seems to enjoy spreading misinformation via outright lies or biased reporting. Don't hold it against those who have been fooled by the media, all they need in order to join us is to be educated with the truth. In the end, truth overpowers lies, especially due to the power of grass-roots movements over the Internet.

Also be sure to invite your friends to the range - it's amazing at how much more important the Second Amendment becomes to those who realize how much FUN it is to enjoy the shooting sports.


QuickRob said...

I'm with you, man. Look at the crime in London, specifically home invasions, where the citizens have been neutered by extreme laws against firearms.

Here's some info at my site:

It's a comparison of gun laws, smoking bans, and election polling in the US

QuickRob said...

Sorry, I will make the link work in this comment :-)
Here's the link I referenced above

Dustin said...

Yes definitely. I believe the statistic for robberies while the victims are home in the UK is around the 58% range because the criminals know that they will find defenseless victims. In the US I believe it is only about 11% due largely to the fact that surveys of criminals in prisons show that overwhelmingly they are more afraid of running into an armed homeowner than running into the Police. Most of the 11% are probably accidental where the criminal thinks nobody is home because nobody answered the door when they knocked, but actually the homeowner just ignored the knock thinking the criminal was just a solicitor. In the UK most criminals probably just don't care if anyone is home or not.

jonolan said...


Some freak invades my home and he's going to eat my own custom loaded shotgun shells - 00 mixed with dried cow shit!

Robocop said...

The poll numbers are encouraging. I hope the trend continues in our favor.

Unfortunately, even when the polls shift in our favor, there will always be the "government knows best" politicians who will continue to shave away our rights because it works out in their favor if they do so.

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