Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't honk at an illegal alien

The press has been reporting on 3 so-called "road rage" shooting incidents that all took place within a 1 block radius of the McDowell & 43rd Ave intersection in Phoenix over this past weekend. What they are not reporting is the fact that they have not yet captured any of the shooters, 3 of which are listed as being a "Hispanic male." Also not reported was the fact that the events happened in a high crime area known to have gang activity, and the shooters were likely criminals, even before they committed these illegal shootings.

Since we don't yet know who they are, I can't say for certain that any of the shooters are illegal aliens, but I can say that it is nearly certain that they are criminals & that they are involved in gangs (based on the fact that they opened fire at another vehicle while they were not in fear of their lives - only criminals do that). Long story short, don't honk your horn or engage in "road rage" activity with illegal aliens, especially if they happen to be gang members. Of course it's a good idea to avoid road rage in any case, but this is just an extra reason for caution. Here are the details from the 3 incidents:

1st) This shooting happened on Saturday night (4/19). Police say the shooters car is white and was driven by a black female. Another black female was in the passengers seat. The shooter, a hispanic male, was in the backseat.

2nd) This shooting happened early Sunday morning (4/20). The suspect's vehicle is a late 90's black GMC Yukon or Chevy Tahoe. Police say both suspects are Hispanic men.

3rd) This shooting happened on Sunday afternoon (4/20). Police say the suspect's vehicle is a gold Chevy Silverado with vanity or specialty plates. (No description of Suspect given)

Update 1: Just for clarification, please don't take this post to mean that I think all Hispanics are illegal aliens. I am 100% in favor of legal immigration & lawful Hispanic citizens who are wonderful people. I'm only against illegal immigration by any race, and I'm against criminals & gang members of any race. I only posted this because I felt the media did all lawful gun owners a disservice by playing these three so-called "road rage" shootings as being between law abiding citizens who lost control of their tempers and started shooting at each other, when in fact the shooters were likely criminals long before they shot at their intended victims this past weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dustin I am sorry that you feel that all the shooters in these situatuions were illegal aliens I was the victim of the sunday afternoon shooting; I am Mexican but just so you know the people that did this to me did look like mexican nationals and I hate the fact that they ruin it for us hard working mexicans that DO PAY TAXES.

Dustin said...

Thanks for the tip Rick, I corrected it :)