Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watch for Fraudulant $2300 Credit Card Charges from Obama Campaign

I guess Obama must be seriously short of cash during these final weeks of the Presidential election. As if it were not bad enough to have your credit card info stolen & used fraudulently in the first place, having the stolen funds used to support Obama ads insult to injury! I'm checking my credit card records right now.

NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO. -- A North Kansas City couple has been left scratching their heads after they became the victims of a political scam.

Steve and Rachel Larman say a strange credit card charge appeared on their statement this month -- a $2300 donation to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The Larman's say they don't want this to be about their political affiliation, but they say they're not about to give the Obama campaign any help from their pocketbook.

They said they notified Chase, their credit card bank, to report the fraud.

"(They) said that they had seen-they were familiar with this," said Steve Larman. "It was fraud, they believe through telemarketing but they were going to be doing some more investigations."

The Larman's don't want their politics to enter into what is essentially just a fraudulent charge. But they say that the charge involves the Obama campaign adds insult to injury for the registered Republicans.

"They (Chase) kept on asking me 'are you sure you wouldnt have gone to a site in support of Obama'," said Rachel Larman. "And I repeatedly said 'Im voting for McCain - I would not be going to an Obama site'."

Chase dropped the charge from the Larman's card. The couple is thankful thay they caught the charge on the card, but worried that others may not see that type of fraud on their own credit cards before it's too late.

"You always get emails saying be on the lookout," said Rachel. "So I just wanted to get the word out, that there's someone out there perpetrating this against people, and to pay attention."

The Obama campaign said they were aware of the Larman's story, but did not have any comment.
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