Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Arizona Resident Loves New Found Freedom

A couple of days ago while at a gun store I was looking at the guns on display when a new Arizona resident asked the dealer if his Hawaii fingerprint card/permit to acquire a gun would be good in Arizona or if he'd need to submit new fingerprints & apply for an Arizona permit to buy a gun. Another Arizona resident standing nearby answered first by saying "you don't need that garbage here, you've moved to the free State of Arizona." His next question was how long the mandatory waiting period to purchase a gun was here in Arizona - is it 14 days like Hawaii or is it longer? You should have seen the joy on his face when he found out that all he needed to do was provide a valid drivers license, fill out the mandatory BATFE paperwork, and pass the required instant background check, after which he could walk out the door with his new handgun purchase along with boxes of ammunition for it that very same evening.

Although I do at times complain about Arizona & Federal laws that unjustly infringe on our natural but 2nd Amendment protected right to keep & bear arms, events like this remind me that in spite of the work we still have left to do to fully restore our freedoms here, as an Arizona resident & US citizen I do have much to be thankful for. This does not mean we can let down our guard, or stop our battle to restore essential freedoms, but it does mean we can & should take a moment to say a prayer of thanks for the freedoms we already enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! We're very blessed here in AZ. Of course, I still think we should continue fighting until we repeal the NFA and disband the ATF, but until then I'm very grateful to live here!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shawn here. The guy that found "buring down the house". That put a smile on my face considering all the political bullshit we are and might have to deal with.

Dustin said...

Most definitely Eric. Glad to hear it Shawn :)