Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Campaign Disabled Credit Card Security Protocols

The BH Obama Campaign has gone to great lengths of fraud to breach their contract with the credit card networks by illegally disabling the very most basic standard credit card security protocols on their campaign donation website to allow illegal fraudulent donations. As anyone who has made a credit card purchase online knows, you normally can't so much as miss a single digit on the billing address zip code or the transaction will be rejected. Not so on the Obama site. Examples found so far have included donations that came from fictional characters such as Daffy Duck & King Kong which has allowed donors to fraudulently donate more than the normal $2300 cap as well as to allow foreign nationals to make illegal contributions. Not to mention the easy use of stolen credit card data even when incomplete with only the credit card #, name, & expiration date.

Obama was probably planning to use the illegal funds toward his immediate goal of misleading voters via the largest Presidential media campaign in the history of the United States (on track to spend more than 86 Million just in the last 4 weeks of the election) after which he'd still have plenty of time to deal with the consequences after the election is done & over with. The more I learn about Obama the more I wonder how anyone can rationalize pulling the lever for him. He is a proven liar (many times over), a deceiver, an abomination, and probably isn't even a natural born US Citizen as required by the US Constitution. Don't elect him to run our Country or he'll turn it into an Obama Nation! If we as a nation elect evil into the office of the Presidency we WILL reap the consequences, and they WILL be dire. Just ask the Romans what happened when its citizens elected evil leaders.

Update 1: Update.


Anonymous said...

It will be a very sad day for America and Americans if Obama gets elected

Dustin said...

Very sad & extremely scary.

Justin said...

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