Friday, October 10, 2008

AZ: Negligent Discharge by Prohibited Possesser

It's felons like this that lead to the Brady types calling for more restrictions on our freedoms. Yet he is already a convicted felon & isn't even allowed to touch a gun much less own one. However, the Brady folks would contend that if they can just make it a little more illegal to illegally possess a weapon then they could somehow force idiots to not do idiotic or illegal things with guns they are not even allowed to own. The logic is impossible to follow unless you have the mind of a wombat (Before my inbox gets flooded with hate mail, I apologize in advance to all wombats & wombat admirers. You are correct, even wombats are not batty enough to indulge in such illogical thinking).


Anonymous said...


Here's my LOVE MAIL reply.

Thank you for your posting and your comments.

Sincerely, Kimber Jones

Dustin said...

Thanks Kimber :)

Anonymous said...

You say wombat. I say chupacabra. :P

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Dustin said...

Wow Wendy - aside from that being a racist statement gun bans of any kind simply don't work. Every Country that has tried gun bans has proven that when you ban guns, only the criminals will have them. Having Criminals & Police the only entities armed makes society a truly dangerous place indeed.