Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scoundrels Vandalized My Yard Signs

I had an NRA-ILA Vote Freedom First and a McCain/Palin sign up in my front yard, until sometime this evening between the hours of 6pm & 9pm. Sometime during that period one or more dirty scoundrels walked onto my property, destroyed one of my yard signs, & stole the other. This is actually the 2nd such incident - the first vandalism incident occurred a couple of months ago when one of my signs had a hole burned into the center of it & the other sign was taken apart & knocked down.

I think the perp or perps in both events may have been Obama supporters but I can't be certain. I think it is rather enlightening that whoever they were only support freedom of speech if the speech in question supports their own agenda. Otherwise they trample the 1st Amendment under their feet like swine. Not unlike Obama himself.

The worst part is that I am unable to replace the McCain/Palin sign in time for it to reach me before the election. Luckily I did order a spare NRA-ILA yard sign so I'll be putting that up first thing in the morning. Next on my list is a video surveillance camera to monitor my front yard so I can catch the perp or perps in the act on his/her or their next attempt. Any suggestions on inexpensive video monitoring solutions?

Update 1: Check out the electrified McCain/Palin sign - thanks for the link Bob!

Update 2: Love this response to Obama Supporters that trample on the 1st Amendment (thanks USCCA!)


Bob G. said...

Swann has some good cheap stuff (and it works damn well...a lot for way inder $100).

And you can find the stuff at MENARDS.

I prefer attaching the sign to a few auto ignition coils in series to a 12V power source, and watch the fun...(heh, heh, heh)

Or you could use a PET FENCE like this guy:

Have fun.


Dustin said...

Thanks Bob, I love that pet fence idea!

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