Thursday, October 16, 2008

AZ: U of A Student Alive Because he Lives Off Campus

If he had lived on campus it would have been illegal for him to have the gun that he used to save his own life early this morning when two thugs broke into his home. The headline likely would have instead been "Student found dead, Police asking for any information that could help them identify the suspects." Can anyone tell me why adults who live or attend school at an educational institution should not have the same freedom to defend themselves on campus that they already enjoy outside of the so-called Gun Free School Zones? No? I thought not.

Luckily this story had a happy ending because the student happened to be off campus when the attack took place early this morning, and he was smart enough to be prepared with a good tool for his own self defense. He would not have had time to wait for a response to a 911 call, so he took care of the immediate problem himself, and then called the Police to have them help clean up the mess. Let us all work together during the next legislative session to fix the unconstitutional laws in Arizona that currently create these so-called "Gun Free School Zones." With a little effort in the future we can hear more happy endings like this and less of the rapes, assaults, or murders of defenseless adults currently forced to live, work, or attend school inside Defenseless Victim Zones.

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Update 1: Smallest Minority Has Mugshots.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about hitting close to home. And so soon after meeting Student for Concealed Carry at GRPC!

As you can imagine, this wasn't major news around here- I doubt I'd have even heard about it if not for you. Thanks.

Dustin said...

You're welcome :)