Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Charles Heller, Eric, Tony, and the GRPC

Eric Shelton of the Handgun Podcast & Charles Heller of Liberty Watch Radio got together on the air this past Sunday during the Armed & Free segment of Liberty Watch Radio. They had a very interesting discussion - a must listen. For the next few weeks it will be available here in the Liberty Watch Radio Recent Episodes Archive. Later this week Eric will also make it available in his Handgun Podcast which is part of the Gun Rights Radio Network.

As an aside, if you missed the Gun Rights Policy Conference this year you should definitely order a CD archive of the GRPC from Charles Heller. You can order one conference or multiple from years past as well. His contact info is on his website just drop him an e-mail to ask for details. I've ordered a copy myself just so that I could listen to it again. :)

Another way to get a small taste of the GRPC if you missed it this year is to listen to Tom Gresham interview some of the speakers during his 9/28 episode of Gun Talk Radio. Here are links to part A, B, & C of that episode.

Also released just last night is a GRPC round table episode of the Gun Rights Radio Network Roundtable Podcast featuring Eric of the Handgun Podcast, Tony of the Firearms Cafe, and myself. We had recorded it the evening of Saturday Sep 27th after we had spent the day attending the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference while it was still fresh in our minds.

Update 1: Here is the 2008 GRPC Audio CD Order Form.


Anonymous said...

The gun rights network is a great bunch of podcasts to listen to. Thanks for the heads up, Dustin. I enjoyed your part in the round table discussion. Way to show up Tony on how many rounds you carry with your glock. I'll add you to my daily reading. Thanks!

Dustin said...

Thanks Andy :)

Anonymous said...

Best blog post ever? LOL. ;)

Dustin said...

LOL :)