Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Cartridge Family

Most of you probably already know that Alan Korwin is the author of many gun related books such as the Arizona Gun Owners Guide which is a must have for all Arizonans. Some of you may not know however that he is also a member of The Cartridge Family Band. I heard them sing at the SAF 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference this past September & also at the annual Arizona Citizens Defense League meeting that took place this past Saturday. I really enjoyed their music so this past weekend I asked Alan if they had a CD available. It turned out that they don't yet, but he did promise to send out a link to youtube videos of a few of their songs in his next Page Nine newsletter, which he did in his 54th edition. Thanks Alan!

Here is Glock 17:

Miguel Row Your Coke Ashore, Battle Hymn of the Repubic, Bad New Tax Arising, and That'll Be the Day (When You Take Our Guns).


Dustin said...

Thanks :)

Justin said...

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