Thursday, October 2, 2008

TN: Two Armed Robbers Attacked the Wrong Man

Two Felons attempted armed robbery using BB guns on the wrong man earlier this week in Nashville Tennessee. The threatened man pulled out his handgun loaded with .410 shotgun shells & opened fire in defense of his life. The article didn't specify what handgun he used to defend himself, but I'm wondering if it may have been The Judge made by Taurus.

One of the armed robbers didn't survive his bullet wounds & will soon be placed safely under ground where he will no longer pose a threat to society. The other armed robber recovered & is at least temporarily safely behind bars facing charges of attempted aggravated robbery which if convicted will add to his already long wrap sheet. I hope his brush with death will motivate him to choose a safer line of work after he is released back into society. If not, hopefully the next time he threatens the life of an armed citizen he'll end up in the plot of dirt right next to his friend.


Anonymous said...

I love these stories! LOL. BB guns?!?! I've seen some derringers that do 45/410, but I think you're right about it being a Judge. Can't imagine anybody shoting 410 through much else.

Bob G. said...

Damn nice revolver...!

Might have to ask "Santa" for one.

Let's do the math:
BB = 3mm/6mm
.410 = .45 caliber

No contest.

Great post and link.


Dustin said...

Thanks :)