Friday, October 17, 2008

I met Jeff Knox at the 2008 GRPC. He's a top notch advocate of gun rights as was his father, Neal Knox. Join me in support of, a project of Neal Knox Associates & The Firearms Coalition. It's a great place for gun owners to get together & share information on candidates running for office in local & national races. This is the related Firearms Coalition press release:


A new web site,, is seeking assistance from organizations and individuals who have information about state and local candidates in the upcoming elections. Information can be about a single candidate or a list of candidates and links to sources or additional information are encouraged. is designed to be a central clearinghouse and repository of information about candidates and legislative matters to help GunVoters cast their votes wisely. Along with areas for comment on federal matters, there are forum areas for each of the 50 states. Anyone can use, read, and post on and everyone is encouraged to help improve this resource to make it more useful as the 2008 elections draw closer and for future elections. is a non-partisan, single-issue, user-driven website and is a project of Neal Knox Associates and The Firearms Coalition.

For more information about, Neal Knox Associates, and The Firearms Coalition, visit or

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For more information about the GunVoter project or to schedule an interview, contact Jeff Knox at 703-405-1317 (E-mail address available here)


Anonymous said...

And you sat in on his interview with Alan Korwin and Tom Gresham... :P

Dustin said...

Very true - I really enjoyed that interview - I listened to it again afterwards in iTunes lol :)