Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama Supporter Called My Son a Racist for his Support of McCain/Palin

My boys wore McCain/Palin hats to school today as it is a special "hat donation day" where the school allows hats to be worn inside the classrooms all day in exchange for a $1 donation to the school. An 8th Grade Obama supporter came up to my oldest son & told him that he was a racist for not supporting Obama. The Obama supporter told my son that his parents are going to vote for Barack Obama because he's black & it's time for our Country to have a Black president no matter who the black person is who is running.

I was dumbfounded. I've heard of this type of viewpoint in the past but it was the first such statement expressed directly to a member of my family. Talk about a racist - anyone who chooses or rejects a President based on his or her skin color is a racist, not the other way around. I'm all about promoting color & gender blindness.

If Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, or Alan Keys were running under any ticket with half a chance of beating Obama in this election I'd vote for any of them in a heartbeat. It's the person's ideas, moral character, and the direction that they want to take our country in that I vote for, not skin color or gender. I don't understand why so many people cry "racist!" whenever anyone brings up any issue related to Obama's run for the Presidency. Those are the closed minded racists, not my son.

Update 1: Looks like my son was not the only student called a racist:

Update 2: I take back what I said about Colin Powell.


Anonymous said...

8th grade was the magical year my Dad introduced me to Rush Limbaugh. It must just be some kind of prep year for social/political/idealogical battles to come. With you for a dad, your son ought to come out fine. I'm assuming you told your son basically what was in this blog entry, regarding racism.

Funny how those who call us racists forget MLK wanted his kids judged NOT by the color of their skin but the content of their character. We've examined BHO's character, and I find it lacking.

That first meeting with an ignorant reverse-racist is always jarring. OJ was on trial, I was in high school, and some idiot said they wanted him to get acquitted even if he was guilty cause it was about time a black man went free. No joke.

How to you logically argue with somebody like that?

And are you ever gonna email me the GRPC pics? ;)

Dustin said...

Very true. Difficult to argue with someone like that. Most certainly. :)

Xavier said...

Exactly right.

JAFO said...

I've got this beat...

My 8 year old son called me a racist yesterday for not supporting Obama.

There ensued a nice discussion regarding my reasons for not supporting Obama- none of which had anything to do with his skin- and my reasons for supporting McCain.

Defeat idiocy in 08. Vote McCain!

Bob G. said...

Thanks, Dustin...YOU "get it". regarding racists/tracism.

There is a reverse racism in this nation that is larger and more insidious than anything that has come before it.
It's this whiole "victimology" belief to many of these sad people.

They just want something for nothing...
And if they can make "you" feel guilty in the process, then they're succeeding.

Good point, Eric about MLK wanting people to be "judged" on the content of their character...Kudos!

Isn't that the way it SHOULD Be?


Patriot said...

The attacks these leftwing Democrats use is called an Adhomid Attack. They do it to make you feel bad so that you will either back down and concede to their view point out of humiliation for being such a "racist" or you won't stand up for whats right for the same reason. Its a double edge sword that we should turn around on them and cut their tongues out. They are the real racist here, not us. I'm so glad to see that these things are posted and discussed here. I have found a new home. Thanks for the great work. God bless this wonderful country and may it once again prosper and be a light to the rest of the world as it once was!

Dustin said...

Excellent comments by all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic. :)