Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Obama A Natural Born US Citizen?

I'm sure you've all heard about the BH Obama citizenship controversy. Below is a good summary of the issues from illuminatitv:

There is a lawsuit opened in Washington State seeking to have the Washington AG verify Obama's citizenship status before allowing him to be listed on the ballot. More on original lawsuit here. Also check out for more details.

Update 1: By failing to produce the required documentation to the Judge w/in 30 days Obama & the DNC have now legally admited to all charges.


Anonymous said...

Are either of them natural born US citizens?

Anonymous said...

Where is the elite media, funny how they (the elite media) tend to over look the minor things about Obama. (im being sarcastic here)

Dustin said...

McCain is because both his parents were US citizens. He supplied all of the required documentation when it was requested of him - quite unlike Obama who has done nothing other than supply a bad image of what experts say is a forged document.

Dustin said...

Yes, I recently saw statistics of the negative press of McCain compared to Obama - it was about 60% negative press for McCain, and around 30% negative press for Obama. The liberal media doesn't call Obama out on much of anything - they give him a free pass.