Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Join online debate - Guns on Campus

There is a new online debate titled "Critical Mass Journalism Project: Guns on Campus." Currently the anti gun folks are the majority of entries, all spewing the same predictable rhetoric with absolutely no basis in fact. I encourage everyone to join in on the discussion, because we can only share the truth if we open our mouth. Just click "add something new" to make your own contribution. You can also make comments on items already there.

Below is an example of the types of video opinion pieces already there stating opinion with no reference to facts:

Having guns on campus to me is somewhat of a slippery slope . . . in all honesty, If there weren’t any guns, there would be no need for protection, or no outright need for protection . . .it's a learning environment, we need pencils, not, you know, weapons . . .

H/T to Michael Fancher & Joanne Shen of SCCC.


Anonymous said...

That poor, poor girl is so sheltered, it's unreal.

"Without guns, there is no need for protection." -- Ok Honey, Let's play a game called rape: Me vs. You.

Let's play again... how about Murder? There are no guns, and I'm much bigger and much better trained than you. You lose. You're dead.

Thanks to people like Sam Colt and John Browning for creating such wonderful tools (referring to guns) -- the odds are much more even.

Believe it or not, murders and rapes even happen on COLLEGE CAMPUSES! Ever heard of Virgina Tech? Ask someone who's had their throat slashed on campus "What would you rather have for protection: Your cell phone or your Glock?" -- Oh yeah, you can't. Their dead too.

Your 2nd amendment (should) apply everywhere crime can happen -- anywhere and everywhere.

Open your eyes darling... the world ain't a pretty place. It's up to you to protect yourself and your family. God Bless and be safe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ouch. You are incredibly attractive but your comments make me wonder how you were admitted to college. Sounds like you need to start thinking for yourself and not drone on the same dribble you're being taught by your liberally biased, agenda driven professors.

Look, I work full time in a university kill-me-freely zone. I am a part-time student, full-time staffer so I am in class and in offices, all over campus all day, every day. I am 38, married, three kids with one more on the way, a registered CCW permit holder and I am not allowed to carry on campus b/c it's against the law. And I obey the law.

But criminals don't. That's why they are called criminals.

They carry at will, whenever, wherever they please and when they come knocking at your door at two in the morning just remember your comments.

Of course, you could always fend them off with your loaded pencil.

Anonymous said...

The ban on concealed carry on campus applies only to legally licensed adults who have passed a detailed background check by the local police and the FBI, and have completed the required education, and passed a mental health check.

The bad guys just laugh at your silly rule!

Weer'd Beard said...

Sad that parrents aren't teaching their children how to be adults before they leave home these days.

My fave was the guy who said "Carrying on Campus is like carrying in Wal-Mart, its a bad idea!"

Heh, even here in Liberal Mass, I think he'd be suprised at how many legally held guns were tucked in holsters benith coats at the local Wally-World.

Home Depo is even better!

Anonymous said...

Certainly I think everyone, including the anti-CCW crowd, would feel safer from violent criminals if there were an armed security guard in every classroom and outside every building. I could be wrong on this because I don't understand the anti thought process.

This might look a little strange with so much security and it would cost the school a fortune.

There would be little difference between the safety training and background checks required for the security and CCW license holders. The main difference would be that criminals wouldn't be first targeting the only obvious threat to them in the room. The violent criminal wouldn't know who was armed and who wasn't. And neither would any student. They can be blissfully ignorant and imagine nobody is armed if that makes them feel safer.

For all you antis out there that say they would feel unsafe if people around you were packing, do you feel unsafe when you go to the grocery store, the bank, dinner, the theater, and the mall? People all around you have guns and you don't know or care.

Anonymous said...

I also work at a state University, have a CHL, but can't carry at work. I live close enough to walk to work, and to walk downtown. I carry everywhere else in town but work, but it really irks me to be disarmed on my walk home. Luckily I get home before it gets dark out, but I'd still feel better if I could legally carry. We have a small campus and the campus cops can probably respond faster than at other universities, but we've had our share of violent criminal acts through the years, including a man who took his child hostage in an administrative building leading to a standoff with local police. It ended with the deranged man turning the gun on himself. The university's long standing "gun free zone", if anything, enabled rather than hindered this lawless individual.

I'm hopeful our governor, who made some noise that he would work for concealed campus carry, actually follows through with that pledge; I'm counting on our state rifle assn. to hold him to it.

NotClauswitz said...

I hope that while she's on campus she learns about circular logic, unless its already too late and she's swimming like a fish in it.

For some though, if there were an armed security guard in every classroom and outside every building - then how would they know they were in College, and not still in High School? :-)