Thursday, September 20, 2007

Red's Trading Post: And yet another ATF audit...Enough is Enough!

Red's Trading Post: And yet another ATF audit...Enough is Enough!

If you have not heard about some of the abuses being made by the ATF against law abiding gun dealers in what appears to be an attempt to shut them down for trivial items such as placing a y instead of a yes on the gun sale form, then you really need to check out the above blog. I sent an email to the DOJ Office of the Inspector General with the following:

Please ask the ATF to stop harassing Red's Trading Post. Seriously - why are my hard earned tax dollars being wasted trying to shut down a law abiding business owner by running audits over & over & trying to shut his business down? The ATF is complaining about small "errors" on forms on 0.4% of over 10,000 gun sale records such as abbreviating a county or placing a y instead of a yes. Even an ATF agent should be able to understand y/n answers or an abbreviated county for crying out loud.

The ATF should only harass gun dealers that do something ILLEGAL such as purposely selling guns to criminals for resale in the black market. Not dealers who placed a y instead of a yes. If the ATF wants to give the dealer a small fine for such non-conformities than fine, but don't try to shut him down.

Seriously, doesn't the ATF have some real criminals to go after so they can stop wasting their time & my tax dollars on such a violation of civil rights? Does the ATF really want to be known as the organization that started the WACO disaster AND harasses law abiding gun dealers? We don't live in Cuba for crying out loud. This is the United States of America.

I have already written to both of my Senators asking them to reign in the ATF to get it to stop the abuses - too many law abiding gun shops have been run out of business due to this type of harassment, and the legal fees & revenue losses are costing Red's hundreds of thousands of dollars. See if you can nip this in the butt before the legislature has to get involved.

Thanks for your time.


Elle said...

I wouldn't be worried were I you.However,just make sure you notify your neighbors.

(previous post deleted due to typos)

Dustin said...

You make a very good point Elle. I better warn my neighbors first thing in the morning if they make it through the night without being raided by Jack Booted Thugs wearing ATF jackets & black ski masks. The ski masks must be to keep the cold off their faces, it is so cold here in Arizona & down in Florida you know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just to keep somebody who cares in the loop, Red's blog has not been accessable (by me anyhow) for at least the last week. Has this been noticed by anyone else? Was this a hacking attempt by the ATF? I thought someone should know.

Dustin said...

Thanks for the heads up. It appears that the blog was deleted. It is possible that it is part of the settlement agreement currently in negotiation between Red's Trading Post & the ATF. More here.

Justin said...

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