Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here Lie Disarmed Victims

Gun rights proponents outnumbered gun grabbers 3 to 1 & held up signs saying "Here Lie Disarmed Victims," "Life is precious. Guns protect it," and "Freedom is not a loophole," while the gun grabbers held a "Lie in" to represent the Virginia Tech victims in support of a bill to prevent Virginia citizens from being able to sell their own firearms to other citizens while at gun shows (a practice that gun grabbers fondly like to call a "gun-show loophole". I guess they want the citizens to instead have to arrange to meet at the local Coffee Shop after the Gun Show to close the deal instead of simply finishing up while still at the Gun Show. Anything that gun grabbers can legislate in an effort to make the lives of law abiding citizens more complicated is not too low for them to stoop.

Those in favor of yet more useless gun control laws are ignoring the fact that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) executed a study on existing gun laws & found absolutely zero evidence that ANY gun control regulations have reduced violent crime anywhere that it has been enacted. It is also interesting that they want to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to buy & sell their own guns at gun shows supposedly to prevent a future VT like shooting in face of the fact that the madman did not even secure his weapons in such a fashion.

The real cause of the VT shooting other than the obvious madman himself is the Gun Free Zone policy at VT or in other words the "Defenseless Victim Zone," "Fish in a Barrel Zone," or the "Disarmed Victim Killing Zone" which are much more fitting terms for the ludicrous disarming policy at VT & many other colleges in the US. VT disarmed its law abiding students without any regard to their God given right to have an ability to defend themselves & in so doing left them at the mercy of a madman with nobody around to protect them.

It isn't the guns you gun grabbers should fear, it's the crazy folks & the criminals we let out on the streets EVERY DAY on Parole. Lock them up in a padded room when it is possible, but since we don't currently have the ability to predict who the next madman will be with enough certainly to lock them up as a preemptive strike, it is important that we instead prepare ourselves to defend our families & our lives from both the crazies as well as the convicted criminals who are currently walking our streets looking for their next victim while out on parole.

Colin Goddard, a VT survivor was quoted as saying:

"There are people within our society who we deem capable and correct, our police forces who are supposed to protect us — and I put my full trust in them."
I hate to break it to you Mr. Goddard, but even VT Police Chief Wendell Flinchum stated what should be obvious to all of us: "We obviously can't have an armed guard in front of every classroom every day of the year." You're welcome to place your full trust in the ability of the Police to protect you from every possible crazy man or criminal out on the streets just as the other victims who did not survive their encounter with the madman may have, but instead you may want to consider the fact that their unfounded faith in such an ability, (if such faith they did indeed have, as we can't exactly ask any of them that question now) did not save them from that madman.

On the other hand, a gun in the hands of just one of the intended victims would have leveled the playing field on that fateful day, especially since the madman would not have known who would be armed, giving the armed student a distinct advantage. I can't prove that a gun in the hands of a victim could have saved many lives at VT, but you can't argue with the fact that it would have increased the odds in favor of the victims. There were also the two other school shootings that were cut short by citizens with guns long before Police could arrive. Not to mention the recent Church shooting cut short by an armed citizen. But don't let the facts get in the way of your one track minds. Hoplophobia, Crazies, and Criminals are not your problem. It's the law abiding gun owners that you need to attack.

To find out how you can help fight this proposed Virginia legislation contact the VCDL. It is scheduled for a vote tomorrow, Wednesday Jan 23rd.

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Laughingdog said...

"The real cause of the VT shooting other than the obvious madman himself is the Gun Free Zone policy at VT"

Actually, that's not entirely true. That policy did contribute to the number of people who died. But the true problem is that the vast majority of students in our schools, colleges, and universities are SHEEP.

I took classes in Norris Hall when I was a student there, and the rooms in there aren't that large. It wouldn't have taken a gun to stop Cho earlier. All that was needed was one person with a true survival mindset to decide that they weren't going to die without taking that bastard with them.

I can promise you that if a man with a 9mm tried to kill me, he'll die from my knife long before I finish bleeding to death from his gun wounds. I'll bite half of his face off before I die if that's what I have to do to ensure that I don't go down alone.

Dustin said...

Very good point Laughing dog. Statistically people who fight back survive & even avoid being hurt much more often than people who "cooperate." - Liberals love to propagate the myth that you should just "cooperate" with the criminal or madman, but the facts do not back them up.

Personally I'd like to have my gun with me, but where they won't let you bring a gun, at least bring a knife.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you're reading this quote correctly: "There are people within our society who we deem capable and correct, our police forces who are supposed to protect us — and I put my full trust in them."

I didn't read that as "I will put my trust in them", I read that as "I had put my trust in them", meaning that he had come to the realization that they couldn't protect everyone all the time.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I saw it.

Dustin said...

unhchabo: I could see how you might think that if you only look at that single sentence, but if you follow the link to the full article you'll see that in the full context Mr. Goddard actually meant that he still does trust the Police to keep him safe so he does not need to protect himself:

"I would have stopped him," Jeff Knox, director of operations for the Manassas-based group told Mr. Goddard. "Because when I went to school, I carried a gun. It was legal, I did it."

Mr. Goddard responded quickly:
"I feel sorry for you — the fact that you feel you need to protect yourself in every situation," the Virginia Tech senior said. "You're afraid of crazy situations happening. I've lived through this, and I know that I can't continue in my life afraid of things. Things are going to happen out of my control.

"There are people within our society who we deem capable and correct, our police forces who are supposed to protect us — and I put my full trust in them."

Gunnersmate said...

We all are beginning to understand and witness the demise of courage and dignity in America. America is beginning to accept the idea that it is better to accept defeat than have dignity , it is better to let others offer security and lose our freedom, when in fact they can't. We in America will become like great britain, it is just a matter of time.

Our children are taught in our great government schools that fighting back is wrong, it will be dealt with and the victim is usually the person receiving the great discipline. Zero tolerance is what we now teach in our schools. Not stand up, not courage and certainly not have dignity.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what you guys mean by cooperate?? Didn't Cho just randomly open fire without saying a word?? Thats what i've heard in every account of the attack. It was an ambush attack and he never said a single word over the entire 10 minute rampage

Meaning that the 1st classroom is pretty much taken by complete surprise and is kind of screwed (kind of hard to fight back when you are completely taken by surprise) and ambushed by a gun with 2 guns.

Now some of the other rooms he entered...yea they knew it was coming and should have fought back as much as possible (can't say whether or not they did) but the 1st classroom is kind of screwed.