Friday, January 18, 2008

Good news Arizona Game & Fish Decided Against Lead Ammo Ban

Good news in Arizona - The Arizona Game & Fish Commission met today & Decided Against the Lead Ammo Ban. Below is the NRA-ILA update:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank You for Your Attendance and Vocal Opposition to the Ban!

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission met today to discuss a number of issues related to the firearms and hunting community, but most importantly the impact that spent lead ammunition has on wildlife.

According to NRA representatives who attended and testified before the Commission, the room was filled with NRA members and hunters who were there to make sure that a California-style lead ammunition ban wasn't brought forward. The members of the commission made it clear that they had no plan for a ban and that they supported the voluntary compliance program currently followed in Arizona (a description of the program can be found on the AZ Game and Fish website at website).

Thank you to NRA Board of Director Don Saba who gave a very powerful presentation debunking the "junk science" put forth by the advocates of the California lead ammunition ban. Thanks to Board of Director Todd Rathner, who spoke on behalf of NRA's official position, and all the NRA members who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting and voice their opposition!

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NotClauswitz said...

Good going! At least you don't have any damn condors to deal with - but maybe the desert tortoise is being used as the leverage ruse. Now if only they would make that same presentation in Sacatomatos. We seem to have NRA members in CA who don't even vote.
We do have a Republican Govenator who's not a Republican, signed the lead-ban and the .50 ban and has put us straight back into the same humongous red-ink deficits as when we did the Recall, and using many of the same old Recalled Govenor's Democrat staffers to get us there... Damn I hate Rhinocrats.

Dustin said...

Thanks. :)

Unfortunately, we actually we do have the Condors now thanks to some environmentalists who introduced an "experimental" population here. I understand some of the same folks who fought for the lead ammo ban in California are now leading the fight here in Arizona too. We've won this battle but the War is not yet over.

Yes I really don't like Republicans who are Republican in name only & then stab the conservatives in the back who helped to get them into Office. The Govenator also passed that stupid micro stamping bill. He might as well have a big sign on his forehead saying "I'm anti gun"