Thursday, January 31, 2008

BB gun club denied approval to hold event at school

In State College Pensylvania, a BB gun club sought approval to hold a BB gun sports event at a middle school in the State College Area School District. They needed the school board to grant a one time exception to their existing "Zero Tolerance" Gun Policy so that the children who wish to participate in the event could bring their BB gun with them (It would be difficult to hold the event without BB guns). The current policy states that weapons and replicas of weapons are prohibited at all School District buildings.

The idea alone has already divided the school board, with some members saying they are worried about sending mixed messages to kids about bringing BB guns to school.

“We have had expulsions that have involved this policy,” said Lou Ann Evans, one of three board members who voted Monday against putting the proposal on the agenda for the next meeting.

I for one think it would have been a great event for the children to teach them gun safety & allow them to participate in a fun shooting sport. Shooting a BB gun is a lot safer than many popular sports played at schools such as Football (nothing against Football of course), so why can't they hold a BB gun shooting event at the school?

Unfortunately the board met this past Monday on Jan 28th & decided to NOT allow the exception:
After much discussion and community comment, the board voted not to make an exception to the district weapons policy for the BB gun championship competition’s request to use district facilities.
I say SHAME on THEM! Yet another example of Zero Tolerance with Zero Intelligent Thought!

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Robocop said...

In this day and age, I am not surprised by this story.