Friday, January 25, 2008

AZ Legislation to remove ban on CCW weapons in schools

New legislation has been proposed in Arizona to exempt CCW permit holders from the existing Arizona ban on having a weapon in public establishments, polling places, and schools. Currently in Arizona anyone who gets caught bringing a weapon onto school grounds who is not a Police officer will go to jail. This is of course a violation of the 2nd Amendment to infringe on the rights of citizens to bear arms, as well as a violation of our God given right to self protection wherever we are legally allowed to be.

The net effect of this legislation if it is passed & does not get vetoed by our current liberal Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, would be to allow citizens 21 & older who have gone through the process to get a CCW permit: taken the required training, passed the local Police & national FBI background checks, been fingerprinted, passed the shooting competence test, etc, to carry concealed on school grounds. That would at least partially get rid of the existing Arizona school gun free zones, more aptly called "defenseless victim zones" that currently exists in all schools in Arizona. I know that I for one, would rest easier knowing that perhaps a teacher or a principle at my children's Elementary school would be allowed to have the means to defend themselves & my children from any madman who might walk onto campus expecting to find defenseless victims.

This does not of course reach the ultimate level of freedom that I desire but it is at least a step in the right direction. If you live in Arizona, please contact your legislators & ask them to support Arizona HB 2628. Another good bill with similar changes introduced in the Arizona Senate is SB 1214.

You should check out the discussion taking place related to these bills here & here. It is rather heated.

Update: Also be sure to participate in this related poll. No registration or e-mail address is required to participate.

Update2: Check out this AZCCC interview about SB 1214.

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