Friday, January 11, 2008

Dial 911 and Die, or Defend Yourself

Audio from a 911 call was released yesterday of a woman in Hammond, Indiana, who had dialed 911 last November 12, 2007 to report that alleged stalker Ryan Lee Bergner was in the process of breaking into her house. She then locked herself in her upstairs bedroom with her gun, and waited for either the Police to arrive or for the stalker to break into her bedroom. Which do you think came first? You guessed it, he broke into her bedroom before Police could arrive. Lucky for her she had her gun & was able to stop his attack with 3 shots. Ryan Lee Bergner did not survive his gunshot wounds. Police have ruled the shooting to be Self Defense & no charges will be filed.

See news report here & here.

Images used in video are from A Human Right.

Hat tip to The Real Gun Guys & Oleg Volk for finding this.


Anonymous said...

A gun in the hand is more valuable than a cop on the phone. Your best defense is self defense.

A Kentucky CCDW instructor

Anonymous said...

Chalk up another one for the Good Guys!
ERR, I mena Gals.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Cops simply can't get there in time, and we citizens need the ability to defend ourselves in the mean time.