Saturday, January 12, 2008

US Government supports DC Gun Ban?!

My jaw hit the floor when I read the twisted argument made by the US Solicitor General in support of reversing the DC Court decision to hold the DC handgun ban as unconstitutional.

Quick read: Gov't says, yes, it's an individual right. BUT we join with DC in asking Court to reverse the DC Circuit, because it applied strict scrutiny to the DC law. It should only have applied an intermediate standard. That is, the legal position of the US is that DC CIrcuit was wrong, a complete ban on handguns is NOT per se unconstitutional, it all depends on how good a reason DC can prove for it.
I guess I should not be surprised since Bush has already said he would not veto a renewal to the ban on semi-automatic rifles that have removable magazines & two or more "evil features" such as a barrel shroud (shield to protect shooter from burning his or her hand on rifle barrel) or a pistol grip (helps shooter have good control of the gun) if such a bill were to be approved by congress. Bush is WAY too liberal for my taste - a so-called "moderate" as the Liberal press likes to call him which to me means Liberal who is a Republican in name only. Our country needs a true conservative who is in FULL support of individual liberty & the 2nd Amendment to be elected in our next election. Anything less is not acceptable.

H/T to Sebastian & Of Arms & the Law.

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Update #2: Much stronger reaction from the NRA.

Update #3: Reaction from the Second Amendment Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Politicians are afraid of loosing power. When the constitution was written the government had muskets & cannons and the people had muskets. Anybody that could afford it could buy a cannon too. The whole point of the constitution, particularly the second amendment, is to protect “We the People” form the government. That is exactly why we SHOULD have machine guns, grenades etc.
They know that too, and that is why they don’t want us to have anything more than a bolt action rifle. I hope the supreme court upholds our forefathers foresight. It was inspired by the good Lord. He knew men in power needed to have a check. If they fear “We the People”, we will all get along better.

Robocop said...

Bush does not give a damn where he came from as far as conservatism. He has done one screw up after another since this is his last year as President. Hopefully, he does not go down in history as a President who GAVE the democratic antis Washington.

Dustin said...

Yes very good points. We really need this victory in the Supreme Court to reverse a very bad trend in laws that have been eroding our constitutional rights. The first unconstitutional law I'd like to get rid of is the ban on full auto guns that were made after 1986. That has got to be one of the dumbest laws a Democrat (William Hughes in this case) has ever thought up. As if full auto guns made before 1986 are somehow less dangerous than full auto guns made after 1986. Complete garbage.