Thursday, January 24, 2008

.223 ammo scarce?

I often buy ammo at Walmart & was dismayed the other day when I went to Walmart to buy a few boxes of .223 rounds to do some plinking with my AR-15 at the range, and they only had one 20 round box left. I picked up their last box & asked when their next shipment would come in, and was told that their warehouse was all out of stock. He didn't know when more would be coming in.

Luckily I ended up finding an even better solution - I ordered 1200 rounds of 5.56 193 spec ammo including shipping online for considerably less than the Walmart price on the .223 rounds I had been using & the package will arrive on Monday via UPS ground. My boys & I will have a lot of fun shooting our AR-15 at the gun range once it arrives. Hopefully it will last for at least a few evenings of fun before I need to order my next batch. :)


Unknown said...

Where did you order the ammo at? I am interested.


Dustin said...

I got mine at AIM Surplus Ammo.

Ammo Allen said...

I've heard of other munition sales shortages in Florida recently as well. It surprises me when fairly common ammunition types such as .223 ammo are hard to find. Glad there was a good online resource and hope you and your boys have a great time.