Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Arizona Legislative Session

It's that time of year. There are many good & bad bills that have been introduced in the Arizona Legislature. Go to the AZCDL News page for updates.

Many great bills in there this year that we should support, and some very bad bills that we need to fight. Just to list a few good bills:


Robocop said...

A lifetime CCW would be nice. In Texas, you have to spend money every 4 years. But then again, they should all adopt the Vermont model, no permits necessary.

Dustin said...

Definitely. Our current legislature might even be able to pass such a measure, but our current liberal Governor would certainly veto it. She loves to veto bills that decriminalize the bearing of arms without a permit, and on her veto letter she always writes "If you want to carry a gun, get a permit"

Dangle said...

Yep. Some good bills. Any ideas on who might replace Tim Bee if he can beat Giffords for Kolbe's old seat in the House?

I'd hate to see him leave the state legislature. On the other hand we need someone good to kick Giffords ass.

Dustin said...

I actually live in District 2 so I don't follow District 8 much, but I agree that any time we can replace a liberal representative like Giffords with a conservative representative like Bee, especially because Bee supports the 2nd Amendment & helped fight for the Castle Doctrine bill that passed, I say go for it!