Monday, January 28, 2008

Armed wheelchair bound man alive & well

Thanks to the fact that he was armed & prepared to defend himself, an armed man bound to a wheelchair in Atlanta Georgia, was able to fight off a man who attacked him just outside his home. He is alive & uninjured, but the status of his attacker is unknown other than he was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds in his arm & chest. I'm very glad that he made the correct choice to be prepared to defend himself. Otherwise the headline probably would have been "Man in a wheelchair murdered by a thief."

Update: Additional coverage here.


Gunnersmate said...

It was great to read that a handicapped individual used a firearm to defend his life, I wish that others would take up arms that are handicapped to defend, protect and secure the lives of loved ones and property.

I also think it would be a great idea for those that own gun ranges to offer course that would be geared to the handicapped in armed defense. To me this is a lacking area and one would be useful.

Dustin said...

Yes that is a very good idea Gregs. I bet such a class would be well received.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

As a paraplegic and a gun rights activist, this is the kind of story I like to see (and Gregs' idea is one I like to see, as well).

Anonymous said...

Yeah its good to see people in wheelchairs putting other people in chairs as well.
I respect the fact that he was defending himself, but what is so great about that? Shouldn't anyone? What's so great about him using a firearm to do it?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

What's so great about him using a firearm to do it?

Well, being confined to a wheelchair, "Kung Fu Fighting" was probably not an option.

Anonymous said...

Its great he was prepared to protect himself. The attacker got what he deserved, and should be ashamed of himself.

Great post,