Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Nanny Police State

Say uncle has alerted us to yet another attempt of government to be our Nanny.

This is yet more evidence of what happens when the Government thinks it is our Nanny. First they want to tell us what kind of guns we’re responsible enough to own, or that we have to take our child to the ER when all he needs is ice, and now they want to decide what kind of pets we’re responsible enough to own. They also want to tell us what temperature we can set our thermostat to & what kind of card games we can play in our homes.

As for myself, I don’t need no stinking Nanny. All I want the government to do is maintain the roads & keep the illegals out of our country (I’m fine with legal immigrants, it’s the illegals that I worry about). Is that so hard? Get the heck out of my life Mr Nanny, I can brush my teeth by myself!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your post. The more control any government seeks to excercise over its citizens only ends up weakening both the government and the country.
Otherwise the Soviets would have kicked our butts while they ran the lives of their people.
People only end-up cheating and lying when the government tries to overstep its bounds.
Good case in point is the issue of Prohibition of Alcohol and now drugs. Drinking was more popular than ever when the Government said you couldn't do it. Drug use has kept fairly steady for all the time we have had a war on it. The way to get rid of it would be to allow it and show our children how you go down the drain when you either drink or do drugs. Drinking has been going down as well as cigarette smoking has, because over time, people can be educated that it is not in their best interest to do either.
Government works best when they concentrate on what they CAN control, which is NOT their people.