Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NSSF Working to Educate the Media

Check out the below video of the NSSF & Tom Gresham (Host of Gun Talk Radio & Personal Defense TV) working to educate the Media about the AR-15 platform. The video starts out with a posted flyer titled "Black Sheep No More." During the interviews of the newly converted press members you can hear the sweet sound of the AR-15 being fired by members of the press at the outdoor gun range. So much fun, so little Ammo.



Anonymous said...

Tom Gresham is the man. I hope that more journalists and media professionals attend these. Once you shoot one, you realize, it's just a gun, it's not a weapon of mass destruction. Kudos to Tom and the NSSF

Anonymous said...

As a Jewess in the US, I am HORRIFIED at the possibility that the counterproductive DC "law" might be upheld. You stop killers by USING guns, not banning them like a coward. I call on all REAL Americans to put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!!!