Thursday, September 25, 2008

PA: Sheriff DeLeo Revoked Her CCW Permit

Lebanon County PA Sheriff Michael DeLeo revoked Meleanie Hain's concealed carry permit because she was open carrying while watching a soccer game. I'm no expert on PA law, but it looks to me like it is perfectly legal to open carry in PA with or without a permit unless you happen to be in the city of brotherly love, which she wasn't. I guess that Sheriff DeLeo just doesn't like soccer moms to be armed for the defense of themselves or their children so he abused his authority in an illegal fashion. I hope she sues & wins enough to buy herself a case of her favorite lipstick & a couple of extra firearms of her own choosing paid for courtesy of the citizens who elected DeLeo. Perhaps in the next election they'll choose more wisely.

You may even want to call or e-mail his office to let him know exactly what you think of his decision before the next election. His office can be reached at 717-228-4410.

You can see a copy of the Sheriff's revocation letter here. Other details here. There is also a fundraiser.

Update 1: More from Fox. H/T to Arms & the Law.

Update 2: Second Amendment Sisters Applaud Meleanie Hain.

Update 3: Oct 14th Judge ruled in her favor & Rescinded the Revocation. H/T to Sebastian.

Update 4: More.

Update 5: Meleanie Hain Files One Million Suit against Sheriff DeLeo.

Update 6: Unfortunate news: Meleanie's husband killed her in a sneak murder/suicide attack that caught her by surprise while she was using her computer. Anti Gun folks are using this attack by her husband as an excuse to say everyone should be denied the freedom to bear arms in their own defense. I say hogwash to that ridiculous conclusion.


Anonymous said...

As a Jewess in the US, may I suggest that perhaps our Senators could tie the US House bill restoring gun rights to Washington, DC, to the big Wall Street bailout bill? In any case, let's all put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!! America wasn't won with a regsterd gun!

Anonymous said...

It looks like that sheriff prefers open carry to CCW.

I would suggest holding open carry events in his county.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Surrender your permit because some people are upset that you have it?

Dustin said...

Yeah, it's even worse than that: surrender your concealed carry permit because a few sheep get scared when you open carry, thereby forcing you to only be able to open carry. The lack of logic is astounding.

Anonymous said...

From Hampton Virginia, I always thot Penna had sound folks that clung to their bibles and guns ... sounds like your sheriff there needs to have more than law enforcement training; he needs to be educated about guns and then have a psycho-logical eval too. He doesn't have a clue that the complainers wouldn't help him in a scuffle and would be the first ones to scream that he was committing "police brutality" if he used a little bit of physical force to restrain them. I was going to retire to PA, but that fool gives me 2nd thots.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC had this story today Nov 25 -
Associated Press updated 9:47 p.m. ET, Mon., Nov. 24, 2008

Student arrested for 'passing gas' at Fla. school.
Sheriff's report says the boy was 'disrupting his classroom environment'

It's the same all over - Pa./Fla.
Law Enforcement "NO COMMON SENSE"

Dustin said...

Wow! That's even worse than the 1st grader who was arrested & brought into the Sheriff's office for bringing a steak knife to school to cut the left over steak she had brought to eat for lunch. I guess they wanted her to just rip chunks of steak off with her bare teeth.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely appaling that the Sheriff would do that to a law abiding citizen who stepped up and took responsibility for the protection of her family and herself. There are enough sheep out there without this Sheriff creating more. Its unrealistic to think Law Enforcement will be there in time to save you when the SHTF. Hopefully he won't win his next election.

Anonymous said...

Exactly which thread could occur at a childrens sportsgame? FC Al Qayda as an opponent? Maybe a drugdealer that escaped the war on drugs, in disguise as a referree? A victim of McCarthy's communist-wichhunt stil on the run and stumbling accross the field? I'm from Europe and am astounished by the comments here, especially that of Wendy Weinbaum, who shamelessly shows off being a jew like she personally is a holocaust victim. Of all people, she must know what it means when people get demonized because of their religion.... That second amendment of yours is hopelessly outdated. People like this sad soccermum however stil cause the US to be known to the rest of the world as the no-brainers Wild West. What's with the saying of JC "When you get hit on one cheek, turn your other cheek to be hit?" Let this sherrif do his job and leave guns at home, locked away, out of childrens reach and sight. God gave you a brain. Use it!

Anonymous said...

Zeikhoven, no offense, but maybe you should live here before casting stones. I DO still live in the "Wild West", with a porous and violent smuggling border less than an hour from Mexico. The Cartels control that territory, not the Federales. You're darn right I feel safer being able to arm myself.

As to your charge of our Second Amendment being outdated, or the "no-brainer" charge? Every state in our Union that has allowed freer possession of firearms has a seen a dramatic decrease in crime. 70% of our murders nationwide take place in just 3.5% of our counties- the ones with strictest gun control. And since the firearm confiscations in the UK and Australia, their crime rates have skyrocketed and crimes committed with guns increased 400%.

So let's reconsider that "no-brainer".

I learned to shoot when I was 10 years old, in the Boy Scouts. And I have NEVER had an accident or caused any accidental damage to life or property. Guns out of "children's" reach and sight, like you suggest, would only cause them to be as fearful and illogical hysterical as yourself.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like our pal Verdon Brown up here in Canada. Spells like him too.

Dustin said...

Excellent reply Eric.

F. Von Zeikhoven: Even though sitting at a soccer game should be relatively safe most of the time, you also have to consider the walk through the parking lot & the drive to & from the event. Parking lots & stop lights are notorious for car jackings & assaults.

As far as the so-called "wild west" - that was one of the safest periods we ever had. Any criminal perpetrating a crime was faced by multiple armed citizens ready to defend the life & liberty of their friends and neighbors. Like Eric said, the danger zones are the cities where the citizens have been disarmed, leaving only the Police & criminals with weapons.

As far as the 2nd Amendment - you should be so lucky as to have one. You should be so lucky as to be as free as I am. Our founding fathers left Europe to escape tyranny. Our founding fathers added the Bill of Rights to our Constitution to ensure we never again faced the tyranny we had to fight against in the future. Outdated? NEVER!

Anonymous said...

And didn't what the founding fathers envision bare fruit in the mid 1940's when the descendants of those wild west people that you mock with your contemptuous insults ride to your rescue. Brits, Canadians, Poles, Free French, Aussies as well. Hell, even Japanese Americans whose families were in internment camps took up arms to defeat facism.

Pick up a history book sometime Herr von Zeikhoven and find out just how easily a totally disarmed society falls prey to the whims of a dictator.

You are free now because of things like the Bill Of Rights,the Constitution, the English Bill of Rights of 1689,the Emancipation Proclamation, the 1920 Canadian Bill of Rights, Magna Carta etc.

On behalf of all of us that you choose to mock and insult,we have only two words to say to you... YOU'RE WELCOME!.

Dustin said...

Well said Eric! I second that!

Outdoorsman said...

I'll get behind Eric's comments, too. F. von Zeikhoven, why don't you google abductions from school grounds and soccer fields. I'm willing to bet you'll have enough reading to keep you occupied for months. Then check out assaults, beatings, ra*es, and molestations in the same areas. I'd say she's perfectly in her right mind.

Dustin said...

There is a very simple comment policy on this blog, here it is again for those who failed to read it before they left a comment I was forced to remove (I also removed one comment that had no context due to the removals - feel free to re-post with context):

"No personal attacks or offensive language permitted. Keep all comments family friendly & related to the subject of the blog post you are commenting on (ie no off topic spam) or they'll be subject to possible removal."

Justin said...

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