Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pop, Soda, or Coke?

Do you drink Pop, Soda, or Coke? Lately I usually grab a Soda although if you ask for a Pop I still know what you mean because I grew up in Idaho & also lived in Washington State for a few years before I moved to Arizona. If you ask for a Coke I only think of a single brand which tells you I have never lived in the Southeast. :)

H/T to Sebastian.


Anonymous said...


But I'm firmly from a red area and still live in a red area.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I grew up here in AZ, but I always say "Coke".

I'll drink Sprite, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, grape, etc. But I always, ALWAYS say Coke. It's the fastest way to find out if the place serves (blech!) Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

Here, it's
"Do you want a Coke?"
"What kind?"
"Dr. Pepper"

Bob G. said...

I just call it a DP...and I (usually) have to "splain" that to most restaurant I tend to order a GUINNESS (if alcohol is served)...LOL

(soda guy - east coast)