Thursday, September 18, 2008

FL: Robber Threatened the Life of the Wrong Baby

When an armed robber in Lake Worth Florida pointed his gun at a 7 Month old baby he quickly learned that you don't threaten the family of an armed man. Unfortunately for the robber, it was his final lesson.

Noel Nagi says he was ready to give the gun-toting would-be robber the cash - about $150. "Just don't do anything crazy. There's a baby."

Around the counter-top corner, Nagi's 7-month-old grandson was perched on his father's knee. His mother, Nagi's daughter, stood nearby.

"I don't give a f—," Nagi recalls the man saying as he pivoted and leveled the gun at the boy.

Then a customer pulled open the A1A Discount Beverage door. In a heartbeat, the gunman was distracted.

The father, Yamen Abdelfattah, handed off the infant to its mother. She rushed him to the closed office in two steps. The gunman's attention and weapon then returned to Nagi, the store's owner. And the babe's father, a gun-carrying veteran of the check-cashing business, pulled his weapon, rounded the corner and fired.

"Five, six times, I don't know. I've never shot someone," 29-year-old Abdelfattah said, retelling the story Monday morning from the very chair he and his son were in last night at the shop in suburban Lake Worth . . .


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