Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Reason NOT to Vote for Obama - France Loves Him

A Poll in France showed that 80% of the French polled want Obama to win the election, while only 8% want McCain to win. Could it be that the French love the ideas he shared during his tour of Europe when he said America should make more sacrifices? Either way, I can't think of a better endorsement for John McCain & Sarah Palin than for France to prefer Obama.

If France likes Obama so much they can have him. In France. Does France allow foreign nationals to run for office? If so that could be a possible career move for Obama after he looses this election. I know we certainly don't need a Politician here who votes "Present" on nearly 130 items that he can't make a decision on, and consistently votes for a bigger more intrusive government on those that he can.


Anonymous said...

what the #$%# are you talking about? what does France loving Obama have to do with his qualifications and McBush's qualifications to be president? Are you even old enough to vote?

Lay out some facts and make this blog at least a little bit useful.

McCain 2030!!

Anonymous said...

The economic problems in the United States did not begin until Bush took office in 2000. First the country was attacked, then we went to war with a country not directly responsible for the 9/11 Terrorists attacks (Iraq). Actually the United States is not at war because we do not have a definitive target. A true war in when both sides have been identified and they are fighting for a cause know by both sides. The current "target practice" not only costs the US $12B/mo, but we are losing innocent lives for no apparent reason.

McBush has voted with Bush over 90%of the time, so if McBush is elected, the world will experience 12 additional years of the same thing.

Dustin said...

Dear Anonymous Obama lover, go whine to someone who cares. Nothing you could possibly say to me would convince me that Obama isn't an inexperienced Left wing Socialist who wants to "Change" our country by turning it into the United States of the Socialist Republic. Instead of changing our country, I propose he move to Europe where socialism is already highly present. He'd feel at home in many countries there with free health care an all the other free stuff he wants. The Presidency of the United States of America is not a place for on the job training.

Bob G. said...

Funny...France loves JERRY LEWIS too...maybe they just love COMEDIANS?