Monday, September 8, 2008

Gun Sales Brisk Ahead of Election

All American Blogger has an article about gun owners (like myself) who are worried about what types of gun bans an Obama/Biden Presidency could push through a Democrat controlled congress. As a result of that worry we are causing a surge in gun sales. I've already purchased a couple of AR-15 lowers myself just in case the now expired Clinton ban on the manufacture of certain types of semi automatic scary looking black guns (what a bunch of racists, what exactly is wrong with a black gun? Why exactly would Obama & Biden want to ban the manufacture of black guns?).

Black Rifles are fun to shoot, and they'll be worth a fortune if Obama wins the election and then manages to again ban the manufacture of them which would cause government induced artificial scarcity which would certainly increase their market prices immensely. That doesn't even include the handgun ban nor the all semi automatic gun ban that an Obama/Biden regime would be in favor of.

Just look at fully automatic weapons (firearms that continuously fire with a single pull of the trigger until you either let go or run out of ammo) - the existing government ban on the manufacture of those rifles for anything other than government use has resulted in the existing base of licensed class III fully automatic weapons costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the current scarcity & condition of the specific model involved. Why exactly did we all allow our government to cause inflation through government induced scarcity which resulted in only the rich being able to afford legal full auto weapons?

Note: I specified "licensed" full auto weapons because this of course does not include the illegal full auto weapons available on the black market that the criminals have access to which are much cheaper, if you're willing to break existing laws & risk incarceration in a Federal Prison - anyone who assumes illegal full auto weapons don't exist on the black market probably also thinks the great prohibition got rid of all alcohol, and also likely has in the past purchased ocean front property in Arizona.

Vote for anyone who can beat Obama, and just to hedge your bet, go buy all the guns you may ever want that you can currently afford. I'm not predicting the end of the world scenario that a Socialist Obama/Biden regime would mean for our country, but just in case he does manage to achieve such a victory despite himself we need to prepare for the worst case scenario. Like I learned as a Boy Scout - always be prepared! Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

Arms & The Law has a link to the chart.

Update 1: Obama attempts to make fun of Governor Palin by calling her a "Mother, governor, moose shooter." Too bad he forgot that the majority of gun owners already overwhelmingly approve of hunting whether or not they actually engage in it themselves. Allowing a Moose to live a long & fruitful life in its natural habitat before being transformed into meat on the family dinner table certainly is at least as humane as eating a hamburger for dinner. H/T to Sebastian.


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