Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Obama Compatibility Test

Earlier I mentioned the NRA OMatch Obama Compatibility Test which covers critical gun rights issues. This evening I took another Obama Compatibility test that covers 51 of the major political issues. It turned out that he disagrees with me on 49 out of the 51 issues covered. At the end it also lets you know how average Americans answered the same questions based on surveys, & it turned out that he's out of step with the Average American in all but one item. Why? Because he represents the far left fringe of the far left wing, & he represents the type of change that Average Americans do NOT want!

So once again, if you are even remotely thinking about pulling the lever for Obama this November, take the Obama Compatibility Quiz first! Does Obama represent Change? You bet. Does he represent the type of change America wants? No WAY!


Robocop said...

I am proud to say I disagree with Obama 98% of the time.

Dick Baker said...

It was something of a push poll, but I disagreed 98% of the time with Obama. The questions about legal rights of terrorists were too broad.

Obama scares the hell out of me.


Justin said...

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