Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Video of US House of Representatives Debate

Last night I watched the US House of Representatives Debate their option to revoke the unconstitutional gun bans in Washington DC via the Childers substitute amendment to HR 6842. The archive video is available here. It was very interesting to watch the debate unfold where many representatives from both sides of the isle joined Representative Travis Childers in defense of the 2nd Amendment protection of the right to keep & bear arms, and his bill that would at least partially bring an end to egregious infringements of it in the District of Columbia. In contrast another group of Democrats argued against it & talked about "Local Government Rights" which of course don't even exist. The government has powers, not rights, and in the case of Washington DC, the local government only has whatever power that congress chooses to delegate to it.

The House is scheduled to vote on it this morning. I'll update this post with a link to that video once it becomes available.

Update 1: The House passed the bill - it goes to the Senate next.

Update 2: Here is a link to the video of the vote.


DJK said...

WOW, Eleanor Holmes Norton is an angry woman.

Dustin said...

Yes she is. Did you see the video of her that the NRA has showing her telling her own constituents at a town hall meeting to "Pipe Down!" when they cheered for the NRA? If not it is a must see. :)

Justin said...

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