Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Internet Firearms Movie Database IFMDB.ORG

In his 8/29 episode of The Shot Show, Doc Wesson discusses the Internet Firearms Movie Database at It is a fun database that allows you to see what movies a particular type of firearm is in, or see what firearms are in a particular movie & describes who used them as well as how they were used. Very cool. The Shot Show is just one of many great gun rights related podcasts I subscribe to that is a part of the Gun Rights Radio Network at

In his 7/11 episode number 12 he discusses the "Gun Nation" episode of 30 days which is worth checking out. It follows a vehement anti gun woman who starts out spouting all the standard Brady talking points while she spends 30 days living with a family in the gun rights culture. It is interesting to watch her viewpoint evolve as she is immersed in something that was completely foreign to her.

Update 1: Doc Wesson has renamed his podcast to Gun Nation & moved his website. You can now find him at:


Anonymous said...

Wow.. what a great find. imfdb is now in my favorites. Thanks for sharing :)

Dustin said...

You're welcome :)