Friday, September 5, 2008

Opposing Views: Join The Debate

Opposing Views asks the question "Does owning a gun make you safer." They have verified representatives of various organizations including the NRA, CCRKBA, Second Amendment Sisters, and GOA, as well as from the organizations of our anti-freedom adversaries who are all able to make official statements on behalf of their organization on the topic. Best of all, everyone is allowed to weigh in by making comments agreeing with or opposing those statements. Quite unlike the Brady blog, at Opposing Views you are actually able to refute the false claims made by the other side. They also have a Poll on the topic, currently showing 65% to 35% of respondents in favor of the makes you safer side of the argument. Go check it out, and weigh in for yourself.

Uncle mentioned that they changed the image on the topic page from a gun pointed at you to a gun aimed in a safe direction at the request of the NRA which was a very good move.

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