Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Thugs Choose the Wrong Victim

Two thugs accidentally picked an armed gentleman to be their intended victim:

. . . Police officers arrived on the scene less than one minute later and found Kerry Von Pohle (9/18/1948) pointing a revolver towards Kevin Eber (10/7/1989) and Jacob Shelton (9/5/1988). Officers drew their firearms and commanded Von Pohle to put his weapon down. Von Pohle complied with these commands. An investigation revealed Von Pohle had drawn his gun in self-defense.

Kevin Eber had thrown a partially full beer can, striking Von Pohle's car. Von Pohle asked Eber why and Eber became violent, telling Von Pohle he was going to kill him. During that exchange, Shelton attacked Von Pohle, striking him with closed fists and slamming his head into a parked car.

Von Pohle attempted to fend off the attack but realized Eber was closing in on him as well. Von Pohle drew his concealed 9mm revolver (for which he had a weapon permit) and pointed it at both subjects telling them if they came any closer he would shoot. The suspects stopped their advance. Von Pohle also had called 911 to notify police.

Eber was arrested within minutes and lodged; Shelton had left the scene and was later arrested. Eber was charged with Menacing, and Disorderly Conduct, and Shelton was charged with Assault and Menacing. Both were lodged in the Curry County Jail. Von Pohle was not charged with a crime.


Anonymous said...

9MM revolver? Must be a new make.

Dustin said...

Yes the 9 mm revolver is a rare breed indeed, although it could easily be an error by the article author as well.