Friday, May 16, 2008

Olofson sentenced to 30 months Prison for Malfunction

Yesterday Mr. Olofson was convicted & sentenced to 30 months in Prison for lending out a gun that malfunctioned (see my earlier post on this topic). All because the ATF decided to persecute, I mean prosecute, him. Yet we allow dangerous felons out on the streets due to Prison over-crowding. What is this world coming to.

H/T to Armed & Safe.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap... When I worked at Second Amendment Sports, we knew full well the ATF was actively trying to shut down gun stores. Since they can't take away the guns themselves, they're trying to shut down the vendors.

I had no idea about Mr. Olofson's case. I didn't start subscribing to your blog until after the initial entry.

Beginning the letter-writing and being as loud as I can be on this issue now...

Dustin said...

Glad to hear you're writing letters & being loud. If we all speak up it will be difficult for them to ignore us. Have a good weekend :)